Allspray 1200 fertiliser sprayer

Perfect machine for the application of fine particle products, such as fertiliser, lime, small seed or animal health products.

Designed for towing behind a 4WD Ute, SUV (side by side) or tractor, the Allspray 1200 is a very user friendly machine.

Spray width of 16m giving a coverage of 1 hectare in 2 + 1⁄2 minutes driving at 15 km.

Spray Width: 16 metres
Application Rates: 15kg/ha – 300kg/ha (selection of spray nozzle)
Tank Capacity: 1200 litres
Weight: 480kg
Length: 4350mm
Width: 1770mm
Loading Height: 1200mm


  • Strong galvanised steel frame.
  • Stainless steel pipes and non-corrosive plastic hose.
  • UV resistant polyethylene plastic tank

Features and Benefits:.

  • Powerful 3” Pump for Easy & Efficient Mixing and for Continuous Agitation.
  • Remote control spray valve for Ease of Operation.
  • Suction Hose inlet for Quick loading out of a dam, stream or effluent pond.
  • Spray Hose outlet for wash down or firefighting.
  • Fit various nozzle sizes to suit your spraying needs.
  • Low centre of gravity & wide wheel base for safety on undulating ground.
  • Spray straight onto the foliage for speedy uptake of the fertiliser.
  • Improve your fertiliser and animal health product uptake

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Boom sprayers cannot handle gritty products, the life of diaphragm pumps on boom sprayers is significantly shortened. Hence we use a reliable, high flow, trash pump with special seals.

Common products applied through these fertiliser sprayers include:

Fish/ Seaweed/ laver – sprays fines up to around 3mm particles via the high volume nozzles. Suppliers include Fish-it, Agrisea and Nitrosol

ProGibb DAP and Urea (ask about our technology to prevent nozzle blockage and freezing)

Urea is very popular when grass is actively growing to prevent leaching. (ever heard of the saying all good things are good in moderation)

Improve your fertiliser maintenance program and cut your fertiliser bill in half this season – Request specialist advise