Allspray 1200

Perfect machine for the application of fine particle products, such as fertiliser, lime, small seed or animal health products.

Designed for towing behind a 4WD Ute, SUV or tractor, the Allspray 1200 Is a very user friendly machine.

Spray width of 16m giving a coverage of 1 hectare in 21⁄2 minutes driving at 15 km.


Spray Width: 16 metres
Application Rates: 15kg/ha – 300kg/ha (selection of spray nozzle)
Tank Capacity: 1200 litres
Weight: 480kg
Length: 4350mm
Width: 1770mm
Loading Height: 1200mm


  • Strong galvanised steel frame.
  • Stainless steel pipes and non-corrosive plastic hose.
  • UV resistant polyethylene plastic tank.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful 3” Pump for Easy & Efficient Mixing and for Continuous Agitation.
  • Remote control spray valve for Ease of Operation.
  • Suction Hose inlet for Quick loading out of a dam, stream or effluent pond.
  • Spray Hose outlet for wash down or firefighting.
  • Fit various nozzle sizes to suit your spraying needs.
  • Low centre of gravity & wide wheel base for safety on undulating ground.
  • Spray straight onto the foliage for speedy uptake of the fertiliser.